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MEP Jobs delivers more qualified mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, & facilities professionals than any other career site. In fact, thousands of job seekers visit MEP Jobs every day. Started over 10 years ago, MEP was the first niche job board for infrastructure personnel.

BirdDog is a recruitment and applicant tracking software provider for the construction, specialty trades, engineering and facilities industries. For 16 years, BirdDog has helped over 5,000 HVACR companies nationwide connect skilled job seekers with right fit employers quickly and easily.

MEPjobs.com, powered by BirdDog, is now expanding to bring you the latest in recruiting and applicant tracking solutions to help you compete and grow your business. You can use this site to:

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Recruitment & applicant tracking (ATS)

Only 1 hour to set-up, then start recruiting

  • Full throttle applicant sourcing
  • Selection management & tracking
  • Professional reports & source analytics

Candidate sourcing & scoring

Outsource the opening to your FasTrack team!

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  • WE do the work - YOU get the candidates
  • Candidates are scored using YOUR hiring criteria
  • Guaranteed satisfaction in 15-20 business days

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BirdDog recruitment & applicant tracking software & solutions
Discover the talent hunting experience!

BirdDog's recruitment and applicant tracking software as a service platform is smart and easy to use. Tested and approved by BirdDog customers, we leverage most leading talent vendors to drive strong candidate flow, so that our applicant scoring, tracking and reporting systems can finish the job.

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Talent Drivers

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Company Careers Page

A significant tool in today's competitive recruitment landscape, your Company Careers brand (jobs feed) is search engine optimized (SEO) and serves to brand your company and your current job openings across the web. We provide the technology and hook up is simple.

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Easy Cross Posting

Your jobs are posted to the extensive BirdDog network of talent hubs, the leading aggregators plus the state workforce offices via the National Labor Exchange @ DirectEmployers.org.

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Leverage the power of networking with your business contacts. Fully automated, we distribute your job and your customized message to local groups including diversity sites, your employees, vendors and tech/engineering groups.

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Easy Social Sharing

Simply put, BirdDog works harder than the competition to sniff out top performers. We provide easy social sharing of your jobs via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This will position your brand and jobs directly into the path of rapidly growing industry talent pools.

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Reporting & Analytics

Collection, Tracking and Reporting.

Funnel candidates from your website, referrals, call-ins/walk-ins, job boards and social media directly into the application process that captures complete background detail plus EEOC regulatory compliance information.

Candidate source analytics.

Learn the truth about how your job applicants find you. BirdDog drives the traffic to generate data so both you and your Relationship Manager can determine which part of your BirdDog system is working best, and which areas are not.

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FasTrack Candidate sourcing and scoring

Dedicated Sourcing Team

You will be assigned your own FasTrack project coordinator that will co-own with you, the success of each assignment. After a short project briefing by you, your FasTrack team will get on the hunt and deliver the best of breed candidates that are available during the 15-20 business day window.

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Advanced search and applicant scoring technology

FasTrack deploys a multitude of talent sources to drive applicant flow including local hubs, major and niche boards, social networks plus leading talent marketing tool SourcePoint by AIRS. Our scoring software reveals an objective view of each applicant’s real industry related skills and experiences.

Delivered to you in 15 to 20 business days

Your FasTrack project coordinator will deliver candidate flow into your desktop promptly, with completion of the assignment anticipated in about 15 to 20 business days. A summary report will be sent to you just in advance of a final conversation you'll have with your project coordinator to assure you of complete satisfaction.

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